Welcome to Akamala Sastha Temple
Akamala Sastha Temple is one of the most famous Ayyappa temples in Kerala. As per legends, the temple is said to be existing since the times of Lord Parasurama. It is located at Wadakkanchery, Trichur, Kerala.

Though we have been able to accomplish this much,we are well aware that much more remains to be done. An outershrine (chuttambalam ), sanctums for the upadevathas Ganapath THE AKAMALA SRI DHARMASASTHA TEMPLE.

A Brief History

According to tradition, a Sastha Temple existed at Akamala even during the time of Sri Parasurama. According to the ancient “ thiyyat Songs “ the Akamala Sastha is included in the “108 Ayyappan Kavus “. It is belived that different rulers of ancient Kerala had taken trouble to repair and renovate the Akamala Sastha Temple on many occasions.